About Us


Welcome to kriyawig, where we dedicate to creating uncompromising quality and ready to go wigs that are both comfortable and fashionable. As a game changer in the industry, we are committed to creating wigs that make you look and feel your best. Our team designs each wig with the latest fashion trends and is meticulously convenient to ensure lasting glamours, and comfort because switching it up is everything!!

Our wigs are so lightweight and natural-looking that you'll forget you've wearing one! Join the kriyawigfamily today, and experience the confidence and beauty you deserve.


We got into the wig business after a coincidental encounter in 2009 and started the wig business in a 30-square-foot office. At that time, the market was saturated with low-quality, overpriced wigs, leaving customers frustrated and struggling to find satisfactory products. She recognized the need for a radical change in this situation and founded kriyawigin 2014. To this day, kriyawig is committed to providing high-quality wigs, fueled by innovation and sincere desire to connect with our customers.


At kriyawig, we are dedicated to innovating effortless wig installation and its naturalness that proving women with the best possible hair experience. We innovated Lace wigs to replace the traditional Lace frontal and Sew-in Weft. We've also innovated the natural style, such as 360 Lace wigs, Undetectable Lace Wigs, and 4C Edge. Lastly, because we know the key to wigs' naturalness and effortlessness, not only innovate Glueless Wigs and Pre-cut Wigs collections but also offer bleached knots, pre-plucked hairlines, and other hair services before delivery.

Email: service@lummiwig.com


Working Hours: we work from 10am-7pm US daylight savings time.